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Travel Insurance

Travel without worries: Book with Hôme Youth Hostel and relax with our Travel Insurance

Book on our official website and travel in complete safety for you and your companions.

Now, with our Non-Refundable rate we exclusively add Cancellation Insurance and Travel Assistance Insurance to cover you completely.

Travel Insurance by Hôme Youth Hostel
Travel Insurance by Hôme Youth Hostel

⛨ Cancellation insurance: Protect your trip when you pay your booking:

  • The coverage of this insurance begins when the reservation is formalized and prepaid and ends the day of check-in.
  • You will be able to cancel your booking and recover the prepaid amount for more than 20 reasons covered by the policy.
  • It covers the main unforeseen events that may arise before your trip: health, work, legal reasons.
  • Check the full terms and conditions of the cancellation insurance here.

Also include coverage in case your flight is delayed and your plans change:

  • If your outward flight is delayed for more than 24 hours and you don’t start the trip, you can cancel your trip and claim the prepaid amount of your booking.
  • If your outward flight is delayed for the reasons listed above and you arrive later at your destination, you can claim the loss of services for the first night of your booking.
  • See this extended coverage here.

Travel assistance insurance:

Protect your stay:

The validity of this insurance begins when you check-in at the hotel and ends on the day of departure.

Covers the main unforeseen events at destination: Medical assistance, Repatriation, Reimbursement of vacations not taken.

Check out this more extended coverage here.

We answer your questions:

Under what circumstances are cancellation costs covered?

Covers up to 26 reasons for cancellation. See the list here.

What do I have to do to cancel my booking and request a refund of cancellation costs?

If you meet any of the conditions described above and have booked a Non-Refundable rate, please follow the steps indicated below:
 please follow the steps indicated below:
– Contact us requesting the cancellation of the booking and the invoice for the cancellation expenses.
– Contact the insurer by email: flexmyroom@arag.es providing your personal data, your policy number and attaching the invoice and proof of the reason for the cancellation.
– The insurer will contact you as soon as possible with instructions to follow.

If you have any questions, you can contact the insurer ARAG by phone on +34 915661588.

Who does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers the person who made the booking and their travel companions.

How does medical assistance work?

In case of medical assistance, please contact the assistance center +34 91 566 15 88. They will tell you how to proceed and which medical center or hospital to go to. In establishments with which we have an arrangement, the expenses will be covered directly, in all others, you will have to pay the invoice that will be reimbursed to you later.

Where can I see all the insurance policy conditions?

You will receive an email on the day of booking with all the information about your insurance.

For questions related to COVID coverage click here.

At Hôme Hostels, your safety is our priority, so you are just a click away from peace of mind – Book Now!

Terms & conditions non-refundable rate

Book and travel safely for you and your companions.

This rate includes.

Cancellation insurance that covers reimbursement in the event of justified cancellation if you cannot start the trip and Travel Assistance Insurance to protect you if something unexpected comes up during your stay.

Cancellation insurance.

The refund of this amount in case of justified cancellation, will be made through the ARAG insurance company. The refund of the prepaid amount is not allowed if the reason for cancellation is not included in the general conditions of the policy.

Check general conditions here.

Travel assistance insurance.

The travel assistance insurance starts on the check in day and the coverage will end on the checkout day.

Check general conditions here.